Quality Enhancement Cell

The Quality Enhancement Cell was established on October 1, 2011 on the directive of the Dean FEST and Director HIIT, Hamdard University Karachi. FEST has always endeavored to maintain high quality in all the departments, both academic as well as administrative. Quality assurance is a process-driven approach with specific steps to help define and attain goals. This process considers design, development, production, and service. The goal is to ensure that excellence is inherent in every component of the process. Quality assurance also helps determine whether the steps used to provide the product or services are appropriate for the time and conditions. The cycle for quality assurance consists of four steps: Plan, Do, Check, and Act. The Quality Enhancement Cell undertakes to:

PLAN: Establish objectives and processes required to deliver the desired results in all the departments of HIIT.
DO: Implement the process developed.
CHECK: Monitor and evaluate the implemented process by testing the results against the predetermined objectives.
ACT: Apply actions necessary for improvement if the results require changes.

Ever since its inception, all departments have set Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that are strictly followed and regularly audited. This maintains the standard and assures quality in the departments. The QEC shall assure that the quality of these departments is further enhanced by providing support and guidance using the internationally accepted QA tools.

"Developing a viable and sustainable mechanism of quality assurance in higher learning at FEST to meet the rising challenges of transforming the country into a knowledge economy"

"To integrate the concept of quality assurance at FEST in higher learning with compatibility through capacity building"

  • the program must have documented measurable objectives that support departmental and the institution's mission statements.
  • the program must have documented outcomes for students. It must be demonstrated that the outcomes support the program objectives and that the students are capable of practically implementing these outcomes.
  • the results of program’s assessment and the extent to which they are used to improve the program must be documented.
  • the department must assess its overall performance periodically using quantifiable measures.

Head QEC
Mr. Shams ul Arfeen

M. M. Kamil Siddiqui
Engr. Junaid A. Hashmani
Engr. Dur-e-Jabeen (Secretary)

Responsibilities of QEC @FEST
According to HEC, The Quality Enhancement Cell is established at FEST/HIIT Hamdard University in the light of the Guidelines given below:
  • for promoting public confidence thus facilitating/ safeguarding the enhancement in quality and standards of the award of degrees.
  • for the review of quality standards and the quality of teaching and learning in each subject area.
  • for the review of academic affiliations with other institutions in terms of effective management of standards and quality of programs.
  • for defining clear and explicit standards as points of reference to the reviews to be carried out.
  • for developing qualifications framework by setting out the attributes and abilities that can be expected from the holder of a qualification, i.e. Bachelors, BE, M. Phil, ME, MS and PhD.
  • for developing program specifications. These are standard set of information clarifying what knowledge, understanding, skills and other attributes a student will have developed on successfully completing a specific program.
  • for developing quality assurance processes and methods of evaluation to affirm that the quality of provision and the standard of awards are being maintained and to foster curriculum, subject and staff development, together with research and other scholarly activities.
  • to ensuring that the University’s quality assurance procedures are designed to fit in with the arrangements in place nationally for maintaining and improving the quality of medical education.
  • for developing procedures for the following:
    • Approval of new programs in accordance with BoS, BoF/BASR recommendation
    • Annual monitoring and evaluation including program monitoring, faculty monitoring, and students` perception.
    • Departmental review
    • Student feedback
    • Employer feedback
    • Faculty feedback
    • Quality assurance of Master’s, M. Phil. And Ph.D. degree programs.
    • Subject review
    • Institutional assessment
    • Program specifications
    • Qualification framework
HIIT has a strong motive to disseminate modern and emerging areas of engineering, science and technology. Thus it offers a variety of graduate and undergraduate programs related to Information Technology. It highly focuses to prepare its graduates that are capable of competing with the graduates of any institution at the international level.

World Quality Label (WQL)
Many of the Quality Assurance Agencies have standard functioning across the world in the recent decades. A few of the strong networks for quality assurance such as APQN (Asia Pacific Quality Network) and INQAAHE (International Network of Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education) are also active in establishing a harmony and uniformity across borders.

"World Quality Label is one of the future goals of FEST"

The World Quality Label may be defined as follows:
"A Quality Label that is given to internationally trustworthy quality assurance and accreditation agencies (QAAs), under the legitimacy of a consortium formed by international groups IAUP (International Association of Universities Presidents), the INQAAHE (International Network of Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education) and UNESCO. The WQL awarded to an agency guarantees that this agency meets the internationally defined standards for trustworthy quality assurance. These include clear commitment to develop standards of academic quality among the institutions and programmes evaluated by it, fair and appropriate quality assessment procedures, well developed and publicly available protocols, published reports, etc. As a consequence, the quality mark of QAA signifies that institutions and programs evaluated by this agency meet trustworthy standards of academic quality. Students, academic staff, programs and institutions wishing to cooperate with these programs and institutions in the context of various forms of internationalization of higher education, can have a reasonable confidence in their quality."

Measures of Quality Enhancement
FEST is a unique institution that has the responsibility of standardizing and improving the quality of Engineering and Bio-Medical Engineering education. It has introduced measures for the quality assurance in all its academic programs, with an aim for enhancing it further. We take pride in establishing sound foundations in achieving our targets.

Teaching and Learning Methodology
To impart quality education to students, the innovations in the teaching methodology have been introduced. Interactive participative strategy has been promoted to imbibe comprehension and confidence among the graduates of this University. Classroom presentations have been made mandatory for each student in every course offered. High profile seminars featuring prominent scholars/ professionals have been launched as a permanent feature in University. International lecturers, Noble Laureates, and Scientists of Global Repute are invited to impart education to the students of FEST. Teachers and subject specialists from affiliated institutions and colleges are invited as Master Trainers and International Instructors are hired to train these professionals so that quality education and evaluation system could be imparted at under and post graduate levels.

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The purpose of this assistance is to provide scholars up-to-date knowledge about the following:

Announcements of Scholarships from HEC and International bodies.
  • Scholarships from HEC
  • HEC Foreign Fellowship Program
Announcements about National and International Conferences on various themes.
  • Conferences throughout the World

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Engr. Abdul Aziz Sangi
Deputy Director Post Graduate Programs

Engr. Chouhry Fahad Azim
Deputy Director HIIT (Main Campus) / HoD Telecommunication Engineering

Engr. Syed Faiz Ahmed
HoD Electronic Engineering

Engr. Nadeem Saleem
HoD Bio Medical Engineering

Engr. Azhar Dilshad
HoD Computer Systems Engineering

Engr. Akmal Hassan Khan
HoD Energy Engineering

Mr. Shams ul Arfeen
HoD Computer Science

Engr. Sheeraz Arif
HoD Telecommunication Networks

Head Quality Enhancement Cell
Faculty of Engineering, Science and Technology
Hamdard Institute of Information Technology
Hamdard University, Main Campus
Phone: 021-36440134
Fax: 021-36440130

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